Loss and Theft Investigations – Trace / find missing or stolen items.

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Missing, Stolen or Lost Items

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We all can lose things…

A point often overlooked is that we are all susceptible to losing things. Not surprisingly theft can occur anywhere. Thus our AR INTELL investigators specialize also in tracking down lost and stolen items of value. When things go missing, get lost, or are stolen you need to take action.

What to do when items are missing or stolen?

  • identification of the item – What exactly is stolen?
  • historical track – when was it stolen? who had the item last in hand? who was using it?
  • build up witness reports, who saw somebody with the item?
  • check CCTV and other camera-reports
  • look for any unusual activity or other misplaced items
  • verify log files or tracked items (RFID tags)
  • for cars & vehicles verify GPS tracker information and alarm-systems
  • activate the tracking and lockdown function for smartphones
  • classification & definition of the item
  • calculation of losses & risk loss (like when a gun or laptop with data is stolen)
  • assist the police in solving the crime
  • reporting to the insurance provider
  • risk assessment & risk mitigation to avoid future losses or theft

What are possible indications of theft?

  • staff taking unplanned vacations or days off for unknown reasons
  • purchase of new cars, or boats
  • expensive multiple dining out sessions
  • comments about authority positions
  • sudden visual signs of wealth: expensive jewelry
  • going to gambling places
  • uncommon behaviors
  • indications that something is off

Types of theft:

  • workplace, office-related theft
  • internal theft cases
  • residential property crimes
  • family crimes
  • narcotics, drugs related
  • workplace, office-related theft
  • internal theft cases

Prevention of theft

We would like to point out that our theft investigations can help you to prevent theft cases. In particular professional theft or general non-professional theft. We specialize especially in tracking down many types of property & other assets.

Theft Investigation

In our AR INTELL type of theft investigation we will take the following steps:

  • We tune our investigative approach towards the Types of Theft that occurred.
  • A theft Investigation report is a document used to make arrests, track down the thieves, and find a solution to the case at hand.
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Missing Person Investigation

missing person investigation

What is a missing person? Who went missing?

When somebody goes missing a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the unknown whereabouts of an individual has to be done. Missing person investigations are very challenging and require multifaceted assignments in law enforcement.

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Private Investigation – Family Case

Regularly lawyers & attorneys specialized in family law use private investigators in order to collect evidence on:

  • public records relating to the parents
  • hidden income
  • extramarital affairs
  • child custody issues
  • divorce
  • family disputes

Our Private Investigator teams are specialized in the above matters and will apply all the correct procedures to ensure the information we collected is 100% accurate and legally admissible in the court.

collection of evidence by private investigator

In many case real physical traces or “digital footprints” are left as a result of internet activity. This information can be collected and preserved in order to be used as forensic evidence.

The AR INTELL Family Private Investigations will focus on :

  • Collection of Evidence – In the retrieved documents, physical evidence, digital traces, photographs, social media channels we will meticulously search the “smoking gun”. We can search for relevant evidence in civil or criminal records, perform stakeouts, interview relatives, neighbors, acquaintances etc…
  • Surveillance – observation of individuals their whereabouts, ways how they behave in the family environment, following the routes they takes, check if they have secret meetings etc..
  • Background Checking – this involves verification of the professional history of the individual, verify social contacts, employment history, credit history (bad debt, illegal income), criminal activities, gang membership. Our digital forensics team is specialized in social media mapping, internet research, digital profiling and in depth checking of  of phone-records and internet usage.

AR INTELL has in depth experience and understand the different investigative needs. Our Family investigations are very specific, since there is an emotional attachment of the client who is fighting for the family, whilst being confronted deception, death, or loss of family as a whole.

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AR INTELL – Dubai – United Arab Emirates – UAE – Private Investigators – PI Services

Investigative Services in Dubai – UAE

AR INTELL can offer investigative services in Dubai and in all city-states and cities of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ra’s al-Khaimah).

Map of the United Arab Emirates – Source:  Wikipedia

24 hours 7/7 available – 365 days/year

Private Investigations, Security Assessments, and Risk Analysis

At AR INTELL we work round the clock to ensure peace of mind when it comes down to your private investigations, security assessments, and risk analysis.

Our Investigative team is well trained and comes with years of experience on different levels to service private, corporate, and government clients in Dubai and the UAE. In order to conduct these types of investigations, AR Intell has relevant experience in the UAE, including local knowledge on how to conduct business and how to relate to the government and UAE government agencies.

Professional Investigators

As a tourist or business traveler, you can count on our professional services as private detectives. In essence, our team of Dubai Private Investigators can assist you in checking on for example cheating spouses, allocation of hidden assets, and due diligence-related matters.

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AR INTELL – Global Offices

AR INTELL has currently offices & presences in the following countries/regions:

Malaysia (HQ) – SingaporeASEANSouth East AsiaIndonesiaPhilippinesVietnam – AustraliaThailandChinaHong KongIndiaSouth AfricaMiddle EastUnited Arab Emirates – DubaiUnited KingdomEuropeNetherlands SwitzerlandNorth America – USAAsia PacificAustraliaCanadaSouth AmericaLatin AmericaAfrica.

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Client Confidentiality & Professionally conducted Investigations




Discretion & Confidentiality

AR INTELL values discretion, professionalism and above all confidentiality, which are all key elements to take into account when doing a professional investigation.

Our investigators are trained to operate within the professional parameters of the private investigator profession.

Confidentiality is our motto whilst respecting your privacy & integrity as a client.

Finding the truth

Our mission consists to help you find the truth where it matters. This is especially important for:

  • personal & corporate investigations
  • insurance claims
  • possible insurance fraud
  • financial matters
  • integrity of crucial and vital info
  • due diligence process
  • business intelligence gathering
  • crisis management
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Litigation Support to Shariah Law

AR INTELL provides litigation support in Shariah Law:

  • financial wealth issues
  • confidential & sensitive Shariah matters
  • family settlements
  • real estate / property issues
  • Shariah Law advisory work
  • matrimonial matters
  • asset management
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Litigation Support

Reputable Litigation Support.

As experienced and reputable litigation support professional; the AR INTELL team assists attorneys with complex legal issues. Hence you can count on us to assist you in litigation support in Shariah Law.

The build-up and maintenance of documentation in databases is part of our commitment. Including the review of legal documents to be used in lawsuits. We retrieve electronic records and other information.

Our experience encompasses also the development of visual presentation materials for use in legal trials.

Specialized litigation support.

  • assisting attorneys in managing large-scale litigations.
  • assistance handling the document or evidence for your case in the court system.
  • implementation of systems to manage, sort, index, abstract, and coordinate the large volumes of data used in major litigations.
  • developing data management strategies.
  • assist with information technology issues in the courtroom.
  • paralegal tasks.
  • E-discovery – Electronic Discovery.

Our clients for these types of services are mostly law firms, corporations, and legal consulting firms.

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Surveillance & Tracking


Tracking Digital Assets

Tracking Human Assets

AR Intell provides different types of professional surveillance & tracking:

Ask yourself what or who do you need to track and why? Once this has been figured out, we can help with the how and when to track somebody or something.

  • Computer, Laptop, Tablet monitoring (with external devices).
  • Device Surveillance (eg. track your digital assets / digital property – device tracking).
  • Internet of things IoT-related tracking.
  • PSTN Telephone Surveillance. Fixed landlines.
  • Smartphone Surveillance.
  • Track the Location of your phone.
  • Camera Surveillance of persons or sites.
  • Social network surveillance & tracking.
  • Social media profiling.
  • Digital fingerprinting.
  • Biometric Surveillance.
  • Aerial Drone Surveillance (use of drones).
  • Corporate Surveillance.
  • Data mining and profiling.
  • Collection and Analysis of Satellite imagery.
  • Identification and credential verification.
  • RFID tagging on objects and assets, humans or pets.
  • GPS trackers
  • Postal services Tracking (tracking of parcels).
  • Stakeout Services.
  • Provide Human operatives on site.
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ARINTELL global risk management consulting firm

Target Markets

Typically our Target Markets in regard to Risk Management are different types of businesses, corporations and government agencies and non-government organizations who requires some sort investigative assistance of the risks that they take (or are exposed to) on daily basis.

Risk Management Consulting

As risk management consultants we can assist with the:

  • identification of threats
  • threat assessment
  • threat intelligence
  • threat mitigation
  • threat analysis
  • strategic or tactical advice

Types of Risks

Whether you are faced with specific Business Risks, Non-Business Risks or Financial Risks…  A proper understanding and investigation into what you are dealing with is key. This is where AR INTELL can assist you.

Risk Management Process

Especially today in our advanced information-age you will need a risk management which includes:

  • understanding of the business processes for the threat identification and threat mitigation
  • attack vector analysis of threats on digital assets of  the company – how vulnerable are you?
  • can hackers steal your proprietary corporate data,
  • is your customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) for grabs?
  • is your intellectual property protected?
  • recovery plan if you hit by a cyber attack or ransomware attack.

We all face the risk of harmful unpredictable events that will cost the company money or cause harm to the operations.

Risk Management Investigation & Assessment

Our Risk management Investigations and assessments will allow your organization to prepare for unexpected events. We achieve this by:

  • minimizing the known risks in a rational way
  • minimize the costs of a disaster
  • put containment systems in place
  • know what could happen before it happens

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