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Digital Forensics Investigation


Complex Cyber Crimes

Increasing numbers of more complex cybercrimes have made it more difficult for traditional investigative methods to be effective in solving a crime. Cyber Crime and crimes which use electronic means or digital platforms require new types of crime investigation methods. Digital Forensics & the extensive use of OSINT are some of these methods.

Limited Time & Resources to solve crimes

Especially when we have limited time and resources. This is why when AR INTELL zooms in on cybercrime investigation we zoom in on digital forensics during our digital investigations to get it all done in time.

Cyber Investigations & the use of Artificial Intelligence

In our cyber investigations, we go far beyond the capabilities and constraints of the existing traditional forensic tools.

By using artificial intelligence systems, big data and digital forensics intelligence in our digital investigations we can better understand and address the huge problems in the very complex domains of cybercrime.

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