Drone Surveillance

drone image surveillance

Eye in the Sky

Having an “eye in the sky” is useful in investigations where you need to be able to see where you cannot go or put a camera on the ground.

Drones can be equipped with a video camera, sensors or infrared and other technology that allows you to gather data about a target zone. Drones can be used for surveillance also.

The commercial use of drones is regulated by the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) and other local authorities.

Typically in a private investigation, small commercial drone operations would be considered legal to use when limited flying them during daylight hours. The operator also needs to meet certain certification standards as set by local governments and relevant authorities.

Drones can be used for:

  • land Surveys with up to date images and information about a certain area
  • mapping and analysis of the data gathered
  • gathering information for a court case
  • reenactments of crimes and reconstruction of crime scenes
  • pre-surveillance allows you to do a reconnaissance of an area (check access and road safetey)
  • access dangerous places without putting people at risk
  • find concealed or hidden objects such as stolen property, hidden somewhere
  • determine the exact location of stolen items
  • create aerial photography at a low cost and yet high quality (instead of using planes and helicopters)
  • lower cost of litigation in regards to image or video acquisition of evidence to sumbit to the court
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