Background Investigation – Background Check

Background Check

Why do a background check?

When we at AR INTELL are requested to do a background check into somebody, then typically these questions come to mind:

  • What to look for in a professional background investigation by a Private Investigator?
  • When to conduct a background investigation into an employee?
  • When is a background investigation related to a criminal case?
  • Do your own background investigation or hire a third party for a background check?

The answer to these questions depends on the person requesting the investigation and on the type of investigation.

Purpose of a background check.

What does a background check consist of? What is the purpose of searching for information? Why are we doing this?

  • reduces the chances of hiring the wrong person for a certain job in a company or organization
  • points to indications, history of potential dishonest immoral or dangerous behavior or attitude.

What to look for when doing a background check?

  • Verification of employment history – curriculum vitae – fact-checking
  • Verification of educational background and degrees, diplomas, or certifications
  • Confirmation of related Qualifications
  • Follow up of references
  • Checking of criminal records or affiliation with criminal organizations
  • Verification of Credit Report
  • Checking of motor vehicle records
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