Lost or Missing Family Members

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Missing Family Members

Lost or Missing Family

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Your father, mother or child is missing? Do you know what to do?

missing persons & Missing Family Members

Missing Person

In the event that this would happen to you, consequently you can imagine by now that your level of stress is very high. The scenario is that your family member went missing or is lost and this would already be the case for a while. Under these circumstances, you don’t know if they are hurt or need help. It could be an abduction case. Not much is clear in the beginning. Action is required. You need the right information to reduce the unknowns.

Certainly, when the person is very young, very old and maybe also has a mental or other medical condition, the experience becomes even more stressful. You don’t want to be too long in this kind of situation. The same goes for the victim

Because this is such an important matter, you must try to remain calm when family members go lost or missing. For this reason, get help immediately from experienced people. There are professionals who are trained to deal with these types of situations.

Firstly; you must take the right steps methodically & immediately. After all the chances of finding a missing person are much better when you get some information in the 1st 24 or 48 hours. Because the trails easily get cold after that period of time.

Secondly; if you are getting no results, or you simply can’t handle or deal with the situation, then do consult a professional. Don’t wait till it is too late.

Who can go lost or missing?

  • estranged parents
  • a sister or brother that you never met
  • young children
  • elderly persons
  • wife or husband
  • other family members
  • mentally challenged persons
  • nephews, cousins, etc..

A family member goes missing. What to do?

  • immediately inform the police & provide all relevant information
  • keep copies of the reports
  • file a missing person report with your local authorities
  • consult missing and unidentified person systems
  • check traffic cameras and CCTV systems that might have recorded something
  • login into online accounts of the smartphone or GPS tracker to see if there is a live GEO-trace track
  • instruct the telecom to ping the missing person their phone (geo-location)
  • register the missing person on missing person databases
  • check with local jails & gateway houses
  • check with employers
  • contact the Red-Cross
  • check-in the direct neighborhood, neighbors
  • call closeby hospitals
  • get in touch with coroners to verify if the person has not deceased
  • verify social media accounts
  • post a poster of a missing person on social media
  • print out a detailed missing person poster + description and put it up in neighborhoods
  • check with friends, acquaintances & family of the missing person
  • list of recent locations the missing person frequented – historical timeline
  • alert the media
  • spread the word to other relevant persons
  • do a grid search in a professional manner with the assistance of professionals
  • hire a professional private investigator

Investigation Lost or Missing Family Member

Our investigation focuses on locating the missing person. Circumstances under which a person went missing are investigated.

The first step in this missing family member case is to know all of the facts. We will conduct interviews, do research, and conduct surveillance. Location tracking is done to find facts. Clear communication and reporting, in cooperation with Law Enforcement and other authorities will follow.

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Birth Parents Investigation

who are my parents?

Locate and Identify your Birth Parents

If you are an adopted child, maybe you want to know who is your biological family or significant family members. What is your real place of birth? Or track down your biological parents, who is your biological father and mother? Maybe you want to check if you have some genetic condition in order to protect your personal health? Maybe you have brother or sisters?

Element in the birth parents investigation process

  • collection of any info about your adoption
  • checking if there a legal provision in your country called adoption reunion registry
  • adoption records
  • who arranged your adoption
  • DNA testing services
  • genealogy services
  • date of birth, date of death, place of birth, or names of both birth parents

Legal Issues & Ethical Questions

You might have many questions, for which the answers are not easy to obtain. This is also a very sensitive type of investigation. There could be some legal and ethical issues involved.  The investigation to find your birth parents is sometimes long and emotionally charged. As an adopted person you need to check if you are ready to know the truth. This is where AR INTELL  can provide you with the correct assistance.

who are you? track down birth parents

AR INTELL can find the biological relatives of adopted children. We can find your biological parents.

We will assist you in tracking down your birth parents. This can be a difficult process, but worth it if it becomes a rewarding life experience. When we find your birth parents, you will not have to spend more restless nights thinking about who are biological parents are.

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Private Investigation – Family Case

Regularly lawyers & attorneys specialized in family law use private investigators in order to collect evidence on:

  • public records relating to the parents
  • hidden income
  • extramarital affairs
  • child custody issues
  • divorce
  • family disputes

Our Private Investigator teams are specialized in the above matters and will apply all the correct procedures to ensure the information we collected is 100% accurate and legally admissible in the court.

collection of evidence by private investigator

In many case real physical traces or “digital footprints” are left as a result of internet activity. This information can be collected and preserved in order to be used as forensic evidence.

The AR INTELL Family Private Investigations will focus on :

  • Collection of Evidence – In the retrieved documents, physical evidence, digital traces, photographs, social media channels we will meticulously search the “smoking gun”. We can search for relevant evidence in civil or criminal records, perform stakeouts, interview relatives, neighbors, acquaintances etc…
  • Surveillance – observation of individuals their whereabouts, ways how they behave in the family environment, following the routes they takes, check if they have secret meetings etc..
  • Background Checking – this involves verification of the professional history of the individual, verify social contacts, employment history, credit history (bad debt, illegal income), criminal activities, gang membership. Our digital forensics team is specialized in social media mapping, internet research, digital profiling and in depth checking of  of phone-records and internet usage.

AR INTELL has in depth experience and understand the different investigative needs. Our Family investigations are very specific, since there is an emotional attachment of the client who is fighting for the family, whilst being confronted deception, death, or loss of family as a whole.

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