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Intellectual property protection & IP investigations

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Protection

A patent that protects inventions, machines, computer software, technology.

A trademark that secures branding elements for marketing campaigns, logos, slogans, and taglines.

Copyright that covers the original work in music, arts, photography, designs, and other creations.

Our Intellectual Property investigation will look into:

  • protection of your intellectual property
  • trademark protection
  • copyright protection
  • patent protection
  • brand protection
  • counterfeiting issues
  • trademark infringements
  • piracy & misleading consumer information
  • fraudulent use of your brand identity
  • design infringement investigation
  • parallel trade investigations
  • grey market investigation
  • market surveys
  • IP due diligence
  • IP litigation support services
  • Geographical indication investigation
  • investigate products or services that claim ownership of your brand or logo or system
  • check if fake goods/products are trying to pass off as your real products/goods

IP breach identification and mitigation

Intellectual property investigations are needed to ensure that IP breaches are identified and mitigated. Thus you can avoid more financial losses, reputation, or brand damage.

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