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Cyber Security Investigations

cyber attacks

At AR INTELL our cybercrime investigators will be gathering forensic evidence from diverse digital devices and online sources or other places of interest, such as the dark web, deep web and so forth. This collective information can then be preserved used in the prosecution and data analysis process later on.

Cyber Crime investigators are thus assisting in the collection of crucial evidence. We assist you in helping to solve or understand specific cyber crimes and document what the cyber kill chain was, how all this happened and what you can do to prevent the same occurences in the future. This is called cyber risk mitigation.

Always check your cyber security posture and apply proper Security Risk Management practices. It’s not just your computers, smartphones etc that you need to be checking but also the human element, the insider threat. Regular threat assessments are needed. Be aware of social engineering schemes also.

Cyber Attacks You have to aware of different types and sources cyber attacks by cyber criminal group, criminal hackers, APT Groups (advanced persistent threats) or even organized crime operators, ransomware gangs, global adversaries, cyber terrorists and other bad actors. The threat from cybercriminals is not an imaginary one. The cyber security concern is growing daily. The threat of cyber attacks, data breaches, ransomware attacks by ransomware gangs are very serious issues.