corporate espionage

Corporate Espionage

Industrial espionage, economic espionage, corporate espionage

Industrial espionage, economic espionage, corporate espionage is conducted for commercial purposes instead of national security reasons. For many companies it is impossible to admit that they were a victim of such types of “mishaps”. This means that your investigations into these matters need to be ultra discreet. You have to vigilant and setup a proper counter-espionage and counter-intelligence system. Corporate spies could have setup legitimate offices and can be hired by competing companies to perform intelligence operations or undercover spy operations on other entities.

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What is Corporate Espionage?

Corporate espionage refers to professional espionage conducted different purposes, either commercial or financial. This type of espionage is also known as industrial espionage (between organizations or companies), economic espionage (by governments, on the international stage) or corporate spying.

  • Acquisition of intellectual property
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Bribery of persons within organizations, government & companies
  • Blackmailing
  • Technological surveillance of specific targets
  • Cyber espionage
  • Data theft or Data Exfiltration by use of Malware, Ransomware, Hacking targets.
  • Cyber Attacks

It is important to be guarded against these type of activities and be able to detect and defer such type of activities in time and effectively.