AR INTELL keeping an eye on Things

AR INTELL Surveillance

tracking surveillance

AR Intell provides different types of professional surveillance:

  • Computer / Device Surveillance (eg. track your digital assets / digital property – device tracking)
  • Internet of things IoT related tracking
  • Telephone Surveillance / Smartphone Surveillance (eg. locate your phone)
  • Camera Surveillance of persons or sites
  • Social network surveillance & tracking (social media profiling and social media + digital fingerprint)
  • Biometric Surveillance
  • Aerial Drone Surveillance (use of drones)
  • Corporate Surveillance
  • Data mining and profiling
  • Collection and Analysis of Satellite imagery
  • Identification and credential verification
  • RFID tagging on objects and assets, humans or pets
  • GPS trackers (Global Positioning System)
  • Postal services Tracking (tracking of parcels)
  • Stakeout Services
  • Provide Human operatives on site

Whatever you need to follow, trace, keep an eye on or locate… AR INTELL can do it.