GPS Tracking – GEO location of targets and subjects

tracking GPS

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS-Trackers are devices which determine location and other data and send it to a GPS server. Most of the times, you will have an app that allows you access these data and see them in a useful way. Many modern cars have already built-in GPS tracking technology. Older cars can be provided with GPS tracking devices.

gps tracking map

In some cases a private investigation will warrant, or require the use of GPS Tracking Technology.

As AR INTELL Private investigators we use GPS tracking systems to help us in our investigations:
  • locating a person
  • location tracking vehicle
  • location track on property (physical items)
  • location track on mobile devices or laptops (even desktop computers or servers inside a building)

Thanks to this modern GPS technology platform, we also don’t to wait in a car for endless hours to verify or record how long a suspect was in a specific location. Tailing or following suspect has become much more easier also.  Take note that we always operate within the law and mandate of a private investigations.

A very essential part of GPS tracking is the reporting, the summary and the analysis of the data in a comprehensive format.

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