Private Investigators

Investigations performed by AR INTELL can come in many forms and shapes. Depending on the topic, target market, and geographical locations to which the private investigation is applied.

Thanks to the advent of digital forensics, OSINT and the internet, we can easily expand any investigation via online methods to any country or region in the world.

AR Intell Global Offices

Our investigative teams consisting of specialized private investigators and private detectives can also be physically deployed to specific cities in many countries & continents such as Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, South-Africa, the Middle-East, United Arab Emirates – Dubai, United Kingdom, Europe, Switzerland, North-America / USA.


AR INTELL conducts Private Investigations or can assist by rendering specific services in the following fields:

Accident Reconstruction
Activity Checking, tracking, verifications
Adopted Child Location Investigation & tracking
Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital affairs)
Arson or Fire Loss Investigation
Background CheckingBackground Investigation
Background Investigation (Pre-Marital or Pre-nuptial)
Bankruptcy Due Diligence
Birth Parents Location Investigations
Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations
Cheating Decoy Investigations
Child Abuse or Molestation
Child Custody and Visitation Investigations
Child Exploitation and Obscenity (Pornography)
Child Support Enforcement and Collection
Child Support Modification
Cohabitation Investigation
Cold Case Investigations
Competitive Business Intelligence
Computer Forensics Investigation
Corporate Slander Investigation
Counterfeiting Crime Investigations
Covert Surveillance (Tailing)
Criminal Background Checks and Search
Criminal Investigations
Dependency Investigations
Discrimination Claims Investigations
Divorce Investigations
Document Examination and Assessment
Domestic Investigations (All Types of domestic affairs)
Drug Testing
Due Diligence Investigation 
Eavesdropping Detection (Bugs and Taps) – TSCM
Elder Abuse Investigations
Electronic Discovery Services
Email Tracking and SMS Tracing
Embezzlement Investigation
Employee Malingering Investigation
Employee Theft Investigation
Employment Misconduct Investigation
Expert Witness Testimony
Financial Fraud Investigations
Hidden Assets Investigation
Hidden Assets Search (Lost or Forgotten)
Homicide and Murder Investigation
Human Trafficking
Identity Theft
Insurance Fraud Investigations (Active Case)
Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement
International Rendition
Internet Defamation and Slander Investigations
Juror Vetting (Jury Selection)
Kidnapping and Ransom Situations
Labor Dispute Monitoring
Land Ownership and Land Title Investigation
Litigation & Legal Support (Active Case)
Locate Lost & Missing People
Loss and Theft Investigations (missing items)
Lost of Missing Family Members
Malpractice Investigation
Maritime or Boating Investigations
Medical and Dental Malpractice
Mergers and Acquisitions Investigation
Mind Control or Brainwashing Investigations
Missing Persons
Mobile Phone and PDA Seizures
Money Laundering Investigations
Mystery and Secret Shopper
Narcotics Detection
Online Auction Fraud
Online Defamation Investigation
Online Social Networking Investigation
Organized Crime Control or RICO
Origin and Cause Investigation
Other Private Investigator Case
Paternity Investigations and Testing
Personal Injury
Personal Protection
Polygraph and Lie Detection (General)
Polygraph and Lie Detection for Domestic Purposes
Polygraph and Lie Detection for Employee Purposes
Polygraph and Lie Detection for Pre Employment Screening
Pre-Employment Screening
Probate Investigation
Process Service (Worldwide)
Professional Malpractice Investigations
Public Interest Investigations
Real Estate Fraud Investigations
Religion or Faith Based Investigation
Runaway and Missing Children
Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Securities Investigations
Sects Occult or Cults Investigations
Security Consulting (CPP & PPS Certified)
Sexual Harassment Claims
Slander and Defamation of Character Investigations
Spousal Maintenance or Alimony Modification
Stalking and Harassment Investigations
Sting Operations
Stock Options Fraud
Strike and Labor Unrest
Substance Abuse Investigation
Surface or Forensic Drug Detection
Surveillance (Beacon or GPS tracking)
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Tenant Screening
Traffic and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
Undercover and Covert Investigations
Unfaithful or Cheating Partner (Non-Marital)
Unsolved Crime Investigations
Vendor / Supplier Screening Investigations
White Collar Crime
Wire and Electronic Communications Crime
Witness Location and Interviews
Workplace abuse and other legal issues
Workplace Investigation Interviews
Workplace Violence Investigations
Wrongful and Suspicious Death Investigations
Wrongful Imprisonment Investigations