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With AR INTELL  it’s strategically located UK Private Investigator offices in London,  we can assist you across the United Kingdom for certain types of private investigations. Our global and local network of  seasoned private investigators from different backgrounds are ready to conduct discrete and professional private investigations for our clients.  In any type of investigation it’s important to be able to reach out over the regions within a country as important as the United Kingdom.

National Regional coverage is important: Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, North East, North West, Yorkshire, Humber, West Midlands, East Midlands, South West UK, South East UK, East of England, Greater London. 


Private Investigations

private Investigators

| Surveillance | Matrimonial Investigations | Catch Cheating Spouse | Family Case | Asset Tracing | Co-habitation | Fraud Claims | Background Investigation | Background Check | Missing Persons| LifeStyle Checks| Under Cover Operations| Computer Forensics | Digital Forensics| Mobile Forensics | Smart Phone Analysis| GPS Tracking | GEO Location |

Corporate Intelligence & Investigations

corporate intelligence

| Corporate Fraud | | Due Diligence | Brand Protection | Counterfeiting | Intellectual Property Protection | IP Investigation | Asset Tracing | Falsification, Discovery of Concealed Data & Assets | Corporate Espionage | Bug Sweeping | TCSM | Under Cover Operations | Covert Ops | GPS Tracking | Executive Screening | Pre-Employment Screening | Vendor Screening | Cyber Crime Investigations | Intelligence Gathering & Analysis | Proxy Contest |

Corporate Fraud Investigations

AR INTELL provides investigative services into Corporate Fraud. We assist with determining the complexity of the detected fraud, who is involved, and what methods were used. To do this we perform different types of corporate investigations to gather relevant evidence. We advise also on how to identify & recover assets. Avoiding future losses is key; doing in-depth risk assessments & risk management can help with fraud prevention and fraud detection.

[ Types of Fraud ] [ Asset Misappropriation ] [ Vendor Fraud ] [ Accounting Fraud ] [ Payroll Fraud ] [ Data Theft ] [ Bribery & Corruption ] [ Fraudulent Activities ]

Security Risk Management


Computer Forensics

| Desktop Workstation & Laptop Forensics | Mobile Forensics | Server Forensics | Cyber Crime Investigation | Cyber Litigation Support | Data Encryption & Data Security | Incident Response Management | IT Security Audits |

Digital Forensics Investigations


A landscape of increasing & more complex cybercrimes makes work more difficult for investigators. The traditional investigative methods are not enough anymore in solving these types of crimes. This is why at AR INTELL we apply digital Forensics, OSINT & Artificial Intelligence to investigate Cyber Crimes.

Counter Surveillance


Our Services include TSCM – Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Cyber Crime Investigations, Smartphone Phone Hacking Detection, Cyber Security Investigations.

Cyber Security, Cyber Crime & Cyber Attack Investigations

cyber crime investigations

Cyber Security ] [ Cyber Crime Investigators ] [ Cyber Attack Types ] [ Cyber Crime Victim ]

Our AR INTELL cybercrime investigators & cyber security officers will recover forensic evidence. We can obtain this from any digital device. We also consult many online resources, such as the dark web, and the deep web. This collective information is then preserved for later use and analysis.

Ransomware Risk Analysis – Ransomware Investigation – Ransomware Attack

The threat of ransomware has grown over the years. Millions of organizations and companies have been hacked. The costs amount globally to billions of USD and the number of future ransomware cases is projected to rise even more.

Bug Sweeping – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – TSCM

Bug Sweeping ] [ Spy Bugs ] [ Red Flags ] [ TSCM ] [ Physical Inspection ] [ Office Inspection ] [ Radio Frequency Detection ] [ Audio Recordings ] [ Surveillance Target ] [ Counter Measures ] [ TSCM Equipment ] [ Inspection of Computers & WiFi ] [ Professional Bug Detection ]

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