Private Investigation – Family Case

Regularly lawyers & attorneys specialized in family law use private investigators in order to collect evidence on:

  • public records relating to the parents
  • hidden income
  • extramarital affairs
  • child custody issues
  • divorce
  • family disputes

Our Private Investigator teams are specialized in the above matters and will apply all the correct procedures to ensure the information we collected is 100% accurate and legally admissible in the court.

collection of evidence by private investigator

In many case real physical traces or “digital footprints” are left as a result of internet activity. This information can be collected and preserved in order to be used as forensic evidence.

The AR INTELL Family Private Investigations will focus on :

  • Collection of Evidence – In the retrieved documents, physical evidence, digital traces, photographs, social media channels we will meticulously search the “smoking gun”. We can search for relevant evidence in civil or criminal records, perform stakeouts, interview relatives, neighbors, acquaintances etc…
  • Surveillance – observation of individuals their whereabouts, ways how they behave in the family environment, following the routes they takes, check if they have secret meetings etc..
  • Background Checking – this involves verification of the professional history of the individual, verify social contacts, employment history, credit history (bad debt, illegal income), criminal activities, gang membership. Our digital forensics team is specialized in social media mapping, internet research, digital profiling and in depth checking of  of phone-records and internet usage.

AR INTELL has in depth experience and understand the different investigative needs. Our Family investigations are very specific, since there is an emotional attachment of the client who is fighting for the family, whilst being confronted deception, death, or loss of family as a whole.

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