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Counter Surveillance

professional counter surveillance


Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken by the public to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. 

Counter surveillance includes:

  • discovery of electronic methods that are used to monitor your movement or record your conversations and record video, send signals of movement etc.
  • technical surveillance counter-measures
  • detection of hidden or covert surveillance devices
  • detection covert listening devices
  • visual surveillance devices
  • countersurveillance software to detect spyware & malware etc..
  • detect people accessing computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons
  • find an indicator of data theft or theft of financial, personal, or corporate data and other business secrets
  • deploy actions (countermeasures) to reduce the risk of surveillance
  • Countersurveillance tries to prevent or reduce surveillance by the enemy or adversary or unknown entities


Technical surveillance counter-measures

Electronic bugs or spy devices emit electromagnetic radiation (called RF – radio waves on a certain frequency). To detect these bugs you can “sweep” for them with professional TSCM bug sweeping RF detection technology.


Software countermeasures and Cyber Security

As an individual, organization, or company you might have concerns over your privacy relating to premises, conversations, and places where you store your confidential data or conduct private & confidential conversations. How sure are you that your office or meeting places are not bugged with spy devices? Have you checked?

This is why in cybersecurity software countermeasures can prevent all sorts of cyber-intrusions, cyber espionage, data-exfiltration, snooping, and data theft of personally identifiable information (PID). We all use computer systems, we are all connected, and hacking is a real threat. Corporate Espionage Operators target regularly proprietary assets, intellectual property, and other business secrets.


AR INTELL Counter Surveillance & Cyber Security Team will secure:

  • your communications
  • your privacy
  • your confidential information
  • detection of Invasion of Privacy
  • Interceptions of Communications
  • Detection of Electronic Eavesdropping

Our methods are hands-on. We use:

  • government-grade equipment
  • diverse cyber security specialists
  • different backgrounds and vast experience
  • in-depth reports & analysis of the intell

AR INTELL provides Counter-Intelligence services to:

  • Law Firms
  • Large Corporations & Companies
  • Businesses (SME – SMB)
  • Government Agencies (*)
  • Law Enforcement Agencies


Our services include: