Cyber Crime Investigation – Detection of Cyber Criminals

cyber criminals

In general Cyber Criminal Acts or Cyber Crimes consist of crimes which target networks or devices (computers, data-centers, servers, desktop PC’s, laptop, tables, smartphones, IoT-devices, etc…) with the intent to illegally extract or exfiltrate data or business secrets or alter content, or simple crash or trash whatever is sitting there… Either ways, it will always be going against the interest of the victim and it’s mostly unproductive or damaging in regard to the original purpose of why IT-system where put there in the first place.

Mostly in these type of digital malicious activities, crimes are committed by using devices or software or methods to participate in criminal activities. It involves activities or systems related to:

  • Uploading Viruses
  • Sending Phishing Emails
  • Using Malware or Spyware
  • Cyberstalking
  • Execute DDoS Attacks
  • Engage in Identity Theft
  • Launch Ransomware campaigns
  • Conduct Cyber Attacks
  • Use of Botnets
  • Online Credit Card Fraud
  • Abuse of digital property and digital certificates
  • Selling stolen data on the dark web or dark net
  • Damage reputation and property of organizations, government, individuals or companies.
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Social Engineering
  • PUPs or Potentially unwanted Programs
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Mass Scraping of data
  • Sharing or distributing illegal or prohibited content
  • Running online scams
  • Selling illegal software or software registration keys
  • Running Exploit kits
  • Reverse Engineering software or Patented Technology

This is not an exhaustive list. Please consult our overview-post on Cyber Security Investigations.

What we are trying to point it here is that you can contact AR INTELL and start a basic investigation to verify if your digital assets are secure and how you can improve security.

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