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Risk Management & Risk Assessment

[ Quantify your Risks ] [ Careful Risk Planning Mitigation ] [ Types of Risk ] [ Problem Solving ] Quantify your risks In our risk identification process, we quantify & qualify your risks. Secondly, we look at the uncertainty and predict its influence on your organization’s processes or company structure. You can either accept, […]

Corporate Slander Investigation

[ False & Negative Statements ] [ Damage to Businesses, Corporations & Organizations ] [ Evidence Collection ] [ Corporate-Slander-Investigation ] False/negative statements harmful to your business Corporate slander refers to using untrue statements or other types of disinformation/misinformation, altered data, which the offenders have taken out of context to damage somebody their reputation. Consequently, this will […]

Arson or Fire Loss Investigation

What is Arson? A crime like arson can be done for profit or financial gain. With this in mind, it is a criminal method of stealing money from the fire insurance company.  To clarify; economic arson occurs when a place of business, a warehouse, an office, etc. is set to fire. For instance, the motivation can be to […]

Accident Reconstruction

What is a forensic accident investigation or accident reconstruction? In traffic we call this also a vehicular accident investigation and reconstruction (car accidents). Of course there are many more types of accidents. The Accident investigation will focus on the process of determining the root causes of accidents, work-related injuries, property damage, and other incidents. One […]