Vendor Screening – Supplier Check – Supply Chain Integrity Verification

supplier screening

When you outsource projects to third-party vendors, then you will benefit from checking beforehand who you are dealing with. This is important to protect your company or organization against potential lost revenue, loss off intellectual property and other liabilities that may lay in the road ahead.

In every new business relation, there are elements to check before starting.

We could do different types of background checks on vendors such as:

  • Regulatory compliance Screening
  • Compliance with Health Standards & Requirements
  • Compliance with Work Place Safety
  • Compliance with Environmental requirements
  • Financial Background Check
  • Insurance Compliance Check
  • Criminal Background Check

AR INTELL will screen a vendor or supplier in order to generate a complete view of their risk profile. Our assessment process will achieve this by getting complete and accurate risk data on your future vendors.

This could result in:

  • Understanding the regulatory framework in which a vendor or contracted third party operates
  • See the ISO and other standards which are applied in certain industries and supply-chains of vendors
  • An opportunity to make a remediation plan to avoid pitfalls and other business incompatibilities
  • Detect red flags in advance
  • Discover information otherwise hidden
  • develop a proper risk management strategy

The risk of not screening your vendors are to high. This is where AR INTELL can be of assistance.