Loss and Theft Investigations – Trace / find missing or stolen items.

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Missing, Stolen or Lost Items

Inquiry for Missing, Stolen or Lost Items

We all can lose things…

A point often overlooked is that we are all susceptible to losing things. Not surprisingly theft can occur anywhere. Thus our AR INTELL investigators specialize also in tracking down lost and stolen items of value. When things go missing, get lost, or are stolen you need to take action.

What to do when items are missing or stolen?

  • identification of the item – What exactly is stolen?
  • historical track – when was it stolen? who had the item last in hand? who was using it?
  • build up witness reports, who saw somebody with the item?
  • check CCTV and other camera-reports
  • look for any unusual activity or other misplaced items
  • verify log files or tracked items (RFID tags)
  • for cars & vehicles verify GPS tracker information and alarm-systems
  • activate the tracking and lockdown function for smartphones
  • classification & definition of the item
  • calculation of losses & risk loss (like when a gun or laptop with data is stolen)
  • assist the police in solving the crime
  • reporting to the insurance provider
  • risk assessment & risk mitigation to avoid future losses or theft

What are possible indications of theft?

  • staff taking unplanned vacations or days off for unknown reasons
  • purchase of new cars, or boats
  • expensive multiple dining out sessions
  • comments about authority positions
  • sudden visual signs of wealth: expensive jewelry
  • going to gambling places
  • uncommon behaviors
  • indications that something is off

Types of theft:

  • workplace, office-related theft
  • internal theft cases
  • residential property crimes
  • family crimes
  • narcotics, drugs related
  • workplace, office-related theft
  • internal theft cases

Prevention of theft

We would like to point out that our theft investigations can help you to prevent theft cases. In particular professional theft or general non-professional theft. We specialize especially in tracking down many types of property & other assets.

Theft Investigation

In our AR INTELL type of theft investigation we will take the following steps:

  • We tune our investigative approach towards the Types of Theft that occurred.
  • A theft Investigation report is a document used to make arrests, track down the thieves, and find a solution to the case at hand.
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