Business Intelligence Research & Reporting

business intelligence reporting

Business intelligence (BI) focuses on:

  • strategies and technologies to analyze business data
  • is mostly used by big enterprises and corporations.
  • getting historical, current, and predictive views of business operations

General functions of business intelligence are:

  • in-depth reporting
  • online analytical processing
  • analytics
  • dashboard development
  • data mining & process mining
  • complex event processing
  • business performance management – KPI
  • benchmarking of processes and results
  • text mining
  • predictive analytics & prescriptive analytics
  • process large amounts of structured and sometimes unstructured data
  • design, identify & develop new strategic business opportunities
  • understand these big data.

AR INTELL can assists you with the identification of these new business opportunities. This can then lead to the implementation of a corporate business strategy. We work together with you on hands-on insights that can be useful for your company. The purpose is to gain a competitive market advantage and long-term stability when it comes to profit, services & sustainable products.

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