Birth Parents Investigation

who are my parents?

Locate and Identify your Birth Parents

If you are an adopted child, maybe you want to know who is your biological family or significant family members. What is your real place of birth? Or track down your biological parents, who is your biological father and mother? Maybe you want to check if you have some genetic condition in order to protect your personal health? Maybe you have brother or sisters?

Element in the birth parents investigation process

  • collection of any info about your adoption
  • checking if there a legal provision in your country called adoption reunion registry
  • adoption records
  • who arranged your adoption
  • DNA testing services
  • genealogy services
  • date of birth, date of death, place of birth, or names of both birth parents

Legal Issues & Ethical Questions

You might have many questions, for which the answers are not easy to obtain. This is also a very sensitive type of investigation. There could be some legal and ethical issues involved.  The investigation to find your birth parents is sometimes long and emotionally charged. As an adopted person you need to check if you are ready to know the truth. This is where AR INTELL  can provide you with the correct assistance.

who are you? track down birth parents

AR INTELL can find the biological relatives of adopted children. We can find your biological parents.

We will assist you in tracking down your birth parents. This can be a difficult process, but worth it if it becomes a rewarding life experience. When we find your birth parents, you will not have to spend more restless nights thinking about who are biological parents are.

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