Accident Reconstruction

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Accident Reconstruction

Accident Investigation

Accident Reconstruction Inquiry

What is a forensic accident investigation or accident reconstruction?

In traffic, we call this also a vehicular accident investigation (traffic collision) and reconstruction (car accidents). Of course, there are many more types of accidents.

The accident investigation will focus on the process of determining the root causes of accidents, work-related injuries, property damage, and other incidents. One of the purposes of the investigation is to understand better what happened. This might help to prevent future accidents.

The investigation needs to find the real cause of why the incident occurred. With the right knowledge, based on facts, you can take steps to prevent future accidents from occurring.

Different Types of Accidents

  • traffic accidents (rear-end collisions, side-impact collisions, vehicle rollover, sideswipe collisions, head-on collisions, single car accidents, and multiple vehicle pile-ups)
  • motor vehicle accidents (car, motorcycle)
  • vehicle accidents (airplanes, Bicycles, Sailing ships, Traffic collisions, Train wrecks, Trams)
  • commercial drone accidents
  • road traffic accidents
  • work accidents
  • air transport accident
  • water transport accident
  • sports accidents
  • industrial accidents
  • slipping and tripping over objects
  • falling
  • injuries caused by sharp objects (knives or broken glass)
  • burns and scalds
  • electrocution (electricity invoked)
  • accidental poisoning
  • food poisoning
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  • injuries from operating machinery or specialized equipment
  • occupational accident
  • non-occupational accident
  • physical accident
  • non-physical accident
  • medical negligence accident
  • diabetic coma
  • epileptic seizure
  • fainting or bleeding due to an accident
  • strokes
  • heart attacks
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Accident investigation Process & Report

Our accident investigators focus on:

  • fact-finding, not fault finding
  • uncover the root causes of why & how the incident occurred
  • prevention in the near future to avoid the same accident from happening again
  • are health & safety conditions in place (SOP, policy)
  • did any violation of safety and health standards occur?
  • determine the legal liability of people included
  • evaluate the need for repairs or replacement of damaged items
  • background investigation of the people involved
  • site investigation
  • interviews
  • analysis and reporting

Accident reconstruction drawings

We create visual recreations or sketches of the accident. We will clearly visualize the accident location, surrounding area, vehicles, and people present at the time of the incident. Firstly; the analysis is based on eyewitness reports, and interviews with people who saw something. Secondly; this report also includes photographs & CCTV security footage. Moreover, we include the data of traffic cameras, police reports, car electronics logs, GPS tracking data, smartphone videos, smartphone pictures, and other physical evidence.

close up photo of a diagram with drawing compass

A detailed schematic or drawing of the accident can help a lot in reconstructing the facts.

Our accident reconstruction experts look at the accident scene by using information from different sources:

  • satellite images from Google Earth or Bing Maps.  You will get a detailed insight into the layout of the terrain and roads.
  • custom accident reconstruction maps.
  • photographic evidence.
  • videographic evidence.
  • witness reports.
  • police reports
  • timeline of accident – the flow of events
  • background investigation of the drivers involved
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