Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence

Counter-intelligence is synonymous with counter-espionage.

Counterintelligence will try to protect an agency it’s intelligence program from an adversary intelligence service. Counter Intell activities consist of:

  • gathering information on adversaries
  • conducting activities to prevent espionage
  • prevent acts of sabotage
  • prevent assassinations
  • prevent intelligence activities conducted by foreign powers, organizations or private entities

Collective counterintelligence will gain intell into the adversary (the enemy) their intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Defensive counterintelligence will try to disable or hinder efforts by hostile intelligence services to penetrate their own intelligence service.

In general private counterintelligence focuses on identifying and neutralizing ongoing active or passive security threats surrounding or targeting your organization or company.

Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken by the public to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. 

Counter surveillance includes:

  • discovery of electronic methods that are used to monitor your movement or record your conversations and record video, send signals of movement etc…
  • technical surveillance counter-measures
  • detection of hidden or overt surveillance devices
  • detection covert listening devices
  • visual surveillance devices
  • countersurveillance software to detect spyware & malware etc..
  • detect of people accessing computing and mobile devices for various nefarious reasons
  • find indicator of data theft or theft of financial, personal or corporate data and other business secrets
  • deploy actions (countermeasures) to reduce the risk of surveillance
  • Countersurveillance tries prevent or reduce surveillance by the enemy or adversary or unknown entities

Technical surveillance counter-measures

Electronic bugs or spy devices emit electromagnetic radiation (called RF – radio waves on a certain frequency). To detect these bugs you can “sweep” for them with professional TSCM bug sweeping RF detection technology.

Software countermeasures and Cyber Security

As an individual, organization, or company you might have concerns over your privacy relating to premises, conversations, and places where you store your confidential data or conduct private & confidential conversations. How sure are you that your office or meeting places are not bugged with spy devices? Have you checked?

This is why in cybersecurity software countermeasures can prevent all sorts of cyber-intrusions, cyber espionage, data-exfiltration, snooping, and data theft of personally identifiable information (PID). We all use computer systems, we are all connected, hacking is a real threat. Corporate Espionage Operators target regularly proprietary assets, intellectual property, and other business secrets.

AR INTELL Counter Surveillance & Cyber Security Team 

We focus on securing:

  • your communications
  • your privacy
  • your confidential information
  • detection of Invasion of Privacy
  • Interceptions of Communications (who is doing that)
  • Detection of Electronic Eavesdropping

Our methods are hands-on. We use:

  • government-grade equipment
  • diverse cyber security specialists with different backgrounds and vast experience
  • in depth reporting & analysis of the gathered intelligence

AR INTELL provides Counter-Intelligence services to:

Our services include:

Personal Information – Personal Data Protection

investigation personal information protection

How to verify that your personal data – personally identifiable data is not being sold or used without your prior knowledge or permission?


How can you protect (as a company) the PID of your staff and customers?


Which type of PID should you store and how? Are you using encryption?


What are the rules and regulations for collecting and storing PIDs?

Proxy Contest Investigation

investigation proxy contest

What is a proxy contest?

The term “Proxy Contest” refers to a shareholder’s challenge to an action or the control of corporate management accomplished through the solicitation of proxies from other shareholders or stakeholders with effective power. This is also called “proxy fight” or “proxy battle”.

There could be a scenario emerging whereby a powerful group of shareholders in a company will team up and will try to oppose the existing management or vote out the current board of directors. This is a powerplay between the shareholders and corporate management over the control of the company or organization. Sometimes this is part of a hostile takeover.

In case of such a proxy contest occurring, it might need to be investigated why for example shareholders are unsatisfied with the current management, corporate governance, or business decisions.

AR INTELL can assist you discreetly in these matters.

Human Intelligence


Signal Intelligence


Open Source Intelligence

open source intelligence


Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

intelligence analysis

What is Intelligence and Intelligence gathering?

Intelligence results from:

  • collection, collation of data (observed facts)
  • evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of these data pockets

The purpose of gathering intelligence is mostly geared towards:

  • reduction of the ambiguity or uncertainty after observation of activities.
  • get information on the capabilities of adversaries who pose a threat to the security of your organization or companies.
  • get intel on the competitors or adversaries their negotiations, for example business strategies.

To develop any type of consistent intelligence you will have to consider collecting actionable intelligence and relevant data from  different sources (raw intelligence, finished intelligence, strategic intelligence, operational intelligence).

  • Open Source Intelligence – OSINT
  • Signal Intelligence – SIGINT
  • Human Intelligence – HUMINT
  • Imagery intelligence (IMINT)
  • Measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT)

The AR INTELL Intelligence Agency can assist you in the ethical and legal gathering of up to data business intelligence which matters for you, intelligence on your competitors or adversaries in matter that are important for your company, corporation and organization. This is an important step toward developing a valid threat intelligence strategy and strong security posture in your total security risk management.

Vendor Screening – Supplier Check – Supply Chain Integrity Verification

supplier screening

When you outsource projects to third-party vendors, then you will benefit from checking beforehand who you are dealing with. This is important to protect your company or organization against potential lost revenue, loss off intellectual property and other liabilities that may lay in the road ahead.

In every new business relation, there are elements to check before starting.

We could do different types of background checks on vendors such as:

  • Regulatory compliance Screening
  • Compliance with Health Standards & Requirements
  • Compliance with Work Place Safety
  • Compliance with Environmental requirements
  • Financial Background Check
  • Insurance Compliance Check
  • Criminal Background Check

AR INTELL will screen a vendor or supplier in order to generate a complete view of their risk profile. Our assessment process will achieve this by getting complete and accurate risk data on your future vendors.

This could result in:

  • Understanding the regulatory framework in which a vendor or contracted third party operates
  • See the ISO and other standards which are applied in certain industries and supply-chains of vendors
  • An opportunity to make a remediation plan to avoid pitfalls and other business incompatibilities
  • Detect red flags in advance
  • Discover information otherwise hidden
  • develop a proper risk management strategy

The risk of not screening your vendors are to high. This is where AR INTELL can be of assistance.

Business Intelligence Research & Reporting

business intelligence reporting

Business intelligence (BI) focuses on:

  • strategies and technologies to analyze business data
  • is mostly used by big enterprises and corporations.
  • getting historical, current, and predictive views of business operations

General functions of business intelligence are:

  • in-depth reporting
  • online analytical processing
  • analytics
  • dashboard development
  • data mining & process mining
  • complex event processing
  • business performance management – KPI
  • benchmarking of processes and results
  • text mining
  • predictive analytics & prescriptive analytics
  • process large amounts of structured and sometimes unstructured data
  • design, identify & develop new strategic business opportunities
  • understand these big data.

AR INTELL can assists you with the identification of these new business opportunities. This can then lead to the implementation of a corporate business strategy. We work together with you on hands-on insights that can be useful for your company. The purpose is to gain a competitive market advantage and long-term stability when it comes to profit, services & sustainable products.