Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

intelligence analysis

What is Intelligence and Intelligence gathering?

Intelligence results from:

  • collection, collation of data (observed facts)
  • evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of these data pockets

The purpose of gathering intelligence is mostly geared towards:

  • reduction of the ambiguity or uncertainty after observation of activities.
  • get information on the capabilities of adversaries who pose a threat to the security of your organization or companies.
  • get intel on the competitors or adversaries their negotiations, for example business strategies.

To develop any type of consistent intelligence you will have to consider collecting actionable intelligence and relevant data from  different sources (raw intelligence, finished intelligence, strategic intelligence, operational intelligence).

  • Open Source Intelligence – OSINT
  • Signal Intelligence – SIGINT
  • Human Intelligence – HUMINT
  • Imagery intelligence (IMINT)
  • Measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT)

The AR INTELL Intelligence Agency can assist you in the ethical and legal gathering of up to data business intelligence which matters for you, intelligence on your competitors or adversaries in matter that are important for your company, corporation and organization. This is an important step toward developing a valid threat intelligence strategy and strong security posture in your total security risk management.

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