Server Forensics

If any of your servers are hacked, then you will surely face serious data contingency issues, maybe even a total infection of your other accounts, password leaks, and a data breach are very likely. These kinds of issues require your instant attention.

server data breach

Even when your company server is hosted in a data center, you will still need to do a regular safety check and security audit.

Especially when you are running an FTP or Web Server to distribute copyrighted material, you might become a target of hackers or APT groups.  A botnet can be running on your servers to perform DDOS attacks on other devices. network flooding users, constant scanning, or hacking other computers can be done from your company server, making it a zombie node in a wider network of command & control centers. Controlled by hackers that is and not by yourself or your IT admins. Point being: don’t ignore the red flags and do hands-on checks.



Investigate DDoS – Denial Of Service Attacks

What is a DDoS – Denial of Service Attack?

How to mitigate a DDoS attack?

How to detect and prevent a DDoS attack?

DDoS attack

Digital Forensics

“… current investigative techniques—particularly as deployed by law enforcement, are becoming unsuitable for most types of crime investigation.

The growth in cybercrime and the complexities of the types of the cybercrime coupled with the limitations in time and resources, both computational and human, in addressing cybercrime put an increasing strain on the ability of digital investigators to apply the processes of digital forensics and digital investigations to obtain timely results.

In order to combat the problems, there is a need to enhance the use of the resources available and move beyond the capabilities and constraints of the forensic tools that are in current use.

We argue that more intelligent techniques are necessary and should be used proactively. The paper makes the case for the need for such tools and techniques, and investigates and discusses the opportunities afforded by applying principles and procedures of artificial intelligence to digital forensics intelligence and to intelligent forensics and suggests that by applying new techniques to digital investigations there is the opportunity to address the challenges of the larger and more complex domains in which cybercrimes are taking place.”