Server Forensics

If any of your servers are hacked, then you will surely face serious data contingency issues, maybe even a total infection of your other accounts, password leaks, and a data breach are very likely. These kinds of issues require your instant attention.

server data breach

Even when your company server is hosted in a data center, you will still need to do a regular safety check and security audit.

Especially when you are running an FTP or Web Server to distribute copyrighted material, you might become a target of hackers or APT groups.  A botnet can be running on your servers to perform DDOS attacks on other devices. network flooding users, constant scanning, or hacking other computers can be done from your company server, making it a zombie node in a wider network of command & control centers. Controlled by hackers that is and not by yourself or your IT-admins. Point being: don’t ignore the red flags and do hands-on checks.

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