Bug Sweeping – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – TSCM

Bug Sweeping - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures - TSCM


What is Bug Sweeping – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures – TSCM?

In todays day and age, we can’t too careful with our information. This goes also for the privacy and security of our premises, offices and other places in which you don’t want to be spied upon…

Essentially the counter surveillance specialty called Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM is refers to a set of countermeasures with as purpose the detection and/or defeat of technology, spy bugs, electronic devices  which try to obtain intelligence (video, audio, data, etc.. ) of a target (person, location, meeting room). Also known as eavesdropping by using advanced audio-, video-recorders, GPS trackers, logging systems and electronic transmitting devices using different frequencies. To detect or counter these threat you will need to hire a debugging team that will do technical sweeps or bug sweeping .

You might also consider awareness training for your staff, so there relevant person are knowledgeable  about electronic devices, such as spy-bug, trackers, loggers and other methods which adversaries use to either follow you, track you or listen in to your private and confidential meetings.

Typical signs of the presence of hidden surveillance or listening / bugging devices (spy bugs) are:

– random interference in radio and television or other audio/video devices (radio frequency)
– uncommon noises, beeps, cracks on fixed (PSTN) phone lines
– mobile phones and smartphone batteries running out fast, even when not in use.
– unexplained burglary or signs of burglary without theft. Somebody put a device in your office?
– traces of holes drilled in walls.
– check if certain items that you received are not bugged with something.
– indication that certain confidential information is leaking out and popping online or in conversations.

It can be stressed enough these that physical security (on site, in your premises, your offices) is not enough to secure premises from interfering radio frequency devices. You will also need to look at the latest treat intelligence relevant for your organization and company on data breaches, data leaks, cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, whether your company data is being sold on the dark web, if your WiFi routers are bugged, hacked or tapped. Make a list of all office devices which are connected to the internet and local area network, maybe they are bugged with spyware or simply hiding in plain sight contain hardware spy bugs.

This will require an integrated approach and this is where TSCM is maybe the start of a much bigger security policy to be put into place…  If you see red flags or symptoms, don’t ignore them. Call AR INTELL TCSM and we will start the investigation.