Risk Management & Risk Assessment

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Quantify your risks

Consider our specialized AR INTELL risk identification process. We go all out in order to quantify & qualify the risks in your business or organization, or individual situation. Most importantly we aim to predict its influence on your organization’s business processes, company structure, or individual situations. Take a look at the uncertainty in detail.

Ultimately it is up to you to either accept, tolerate or reject the presence of certain perils and threats. This entirely depends on your risk appetite & risk tolerance levels in your business processes. It is prudent to run a pro-active risk management system to support the diverse mitigation systems.

Careful Risk Planning & Mitigation

We recommend careful planning and a detailed (re)organization of all the risks. This in combination with tight financial cost control and clear budgeting, allows you to mitigate any relevant risks.

Types of Risks

Essentially there are different classifications of risk:

  • Systematic Risk:
    the overall impact of the market or in general external factors.
  • Unsystematic Risk:
    asset-specific or company-specific uncertainties.
  • Political/Regulatory Risk: impact of political decisions and regulatory changes
  • Financial & Business Risk: capital structure of a company, working capital (finances & debt)
  • Reputational Risk: the reputation of a brand and standing in society, industry & business
  • Interest Rate Risk: effect of changing interest rates
  • Country Risk: country-specific issues
  • Socio-Economic risk: level of lawlessness in a country – economic development standards
  • Social Risk: changes in social norms, population movements, social unrest
  • Environmental Risk: changes in the environmental parameters, weather & physical acts/events
  • Operational Risk: operational issues, supply chain, delivery of products or services
  • People Risk: staff, recruitment, training, industry relations, fraud
  • Management Risk: decisions by management teams
  • Strategic Risk: failing to execute plans & adjust to changing environment
  • Legal Risk: lawsuits or the freedom to operate
  • Regulatory Risk: compliance with regulations & legislation
  • Competition: effect of competitors in the industry
  • Crime Risk: criminal activities that concern your company, including cybercrime
  • Technology Risk: risk associated with the use of technology, physical & virtual systems

Problem Solving

Contact us to assess the threats, hazards, or uncertainties that you are facing. First, we start the problem-solving. This will form the foundation for a good risk management plan, followed by an identification & assessment of the risks.

The development of a proper incident response system is the next phase.

AR INTELL can assist you in the prevention of these (un)identified threats. Contact us TODAY.

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