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Surveillance & Tracking

AR Intell provides different types of professional surveillance & tracking: Ask yourself what or who do you need to track and why? Once this has been figured out, we can help with the how and when to track somebody or something. Computer, Laptop, Tablet monitoring (with external devices). Device Surveillance (eg. track your digital assets […]


Private Investigations Latin America

  Latin America consists of a multitude of countries and regions in the Americas. In this region Latin languages are spoken (derived from Latin such as Spanish, French, and Portuguese). The region Latin America refers to those places historically ruled under the Spanish, French, and Portuguese empires. Central America and the Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, […]


Private Investigations South-America

AR INTELL Investigations can extend into most countries of South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, French Guiana (overseas territory of France). AR INTELL has a regional presence in the USA, thus we are quite able to perform private investigations or assist in private investigative services in South […]


Accident Reconstruction

[ Forensic Accident Investigation ] [ Types of Accidents ] [ Related Sudden illnesses ] [ Accident Investigation ] [ Accident Reconstruction ] [ Accident Scene ] What is a forensic accident investigation or accident reconstruction? In traffic, we call this also a vehicular accident investigation (traffic collision) and reconstruction (car accidents). Of course, there […]


Kangar Private Investigators

We approach all our investigations with absolute confidentiality and discretion. Our team of professional investigation officers have unique investigative skills. We operate within the provisions of the legal framework and relevant laws.
| Surveillance | Matrimonial Investigations | Catch Cheating Spouse | Family Case | Asset Tracing | Co-habitation | Fraud Claims | Background Investigation | Background Check | Missing Persons | Life Style Checks | Under Cover Operations | Computer Forensics | Digital Forensics | Mobile Forensics | Smart Phone Analysis | GPS Tracking | GEO Location |

| Corporate Fraud | | Due Diligence | Brand Protection | Counterfeiting | Intellectual Property Protection | IP Investigation | Asset Tracing | Falsification, Discovery of Concealed Data & Assets | Corporate Espionage | Bug Sweeping | TCSM | Under Cover Operations | Covert Ops | GPS Tracking | Executive Screening | Pre-Employment Screening | Vendor Screening | Cyber Crime Investigations | Intelligence Gathering & Analysis | Proxy Contest |

Steady investments in the development of Corporate Intelligence & Threat Intelligence will equip smart corporations & diverse companies with the capacity to detect and counter criminal elements and other threats in time.

Our Digital Forensics Team and data scientists will provide comprehensive and in-depth forensic computer/data analysis. We provide Pc/Mac/Linux Desktop Workstation & Laptop Forensics, Mobile Forensics (smart phones & tablets of all sorts), Server Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigations.

Administrative, Corporate & Business Services. Cyber Security, Infrastructure And Research Technologies, IT & WEB Professional Services. Leadership & Management, Security Policy Creation, Cyber Laws, Security Legal Framework & Enforcement


Poland Private Investigators

With a regional office in the Netherlands in Europe, quite close to Poland; AR INTELL Private Investigators are capable to extend its private investigative services to all states and regions in Poland. It is important to be able to widen a private investigation across all the major provinces in Poland such as: Mazowieckie, Slaskie, Dolnoslaskie, […]


Croatia Private Investigators

The Republic of Croatia is located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro and shares a maritime border with Italy.   AR INTELL is able to conduct private investigations in for example Zagreb, and the country’s it’s other subdivisions and […]