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Seremban Private Investigators

Seremban is a city and the capital of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.  In the Seremban District, you will find many hospitals + medical centers.  The state itself is home to several Japanese, South-Korean, American & European multinational corporations (Japan, South Korea, the United States, and the European Union).  The manufacturing sector is well represented in the state Negeri Sembilan.

In these types of manufacturing industries, AR INTELL is capable to conduct private investigations and risk management assessments or corporate intelligence investigations.

Kuantan Private Investigators

Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, Malaysia. It is located near the mouth of the Kuantan River. Kuantan is the 18th largest city in Malaysia based on 2010 population, and the largest city in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Kota Bharu Private Investigators

Private Investigators Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu (Kota Baharu), is the state capital and royal seat of Kelantan. It is also the name of the territory (jajahan) or district in where the Kota Bharu City is located.

AR INTELL is able to provide private investigations into the district of Kota Bharu.


Borneo Private Investigators

Borneo Explorer Map - Private Investigators

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and the largest in Asia. It is located in the geographic center of Maritime Southeast Asia, north of Java / Indonesia, at the west of Sulawesi, and east of Sumatra.

As private investigators based in Malaysia, we are used to exploring into far away and difficult to reach areas (even into the jungle if need be) and expand our investigations in these regions.

Borneo (the Malaysian part) consists of two states, Sarawak and Sabah, separated by the country Brunei. Sarawak’s capital of Kuching and Sabah’s capital of Kota Kinabalu are the usual access points for the region and act as bases for exploring Borneo’s wild nature and rainforest.

Our Investigations can cover the region of Borneo :

Samarinda, East Kalimantan – Indonesia
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan – Indonesia
Kuching, Sarawak – Malaysia
Balikpapan, East Kalimantan – Indonesia
Pontianak, West Kalimantan – Indonesia
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – Malaysia
Tawau, Sabah – Malaysia
Sandakan, Sabah – Malaysia
Miri, Sarawak – Malaysia
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei – Muara


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Sarawak Private Investigators

Sarawak Private Investigators