Criminal Investigations

Corporate Crime

Corporate Investigations

Suspicion of criminal activity

Most official criminal investigations can only be conducted by a law enforcement agency or other relevant authorities.

But if the police do not have enough resources to investigate a potentially criminal act, then the help of a private investigator can be called in.

Private investigators will investigate the suspicion of criminal activity, when the rightful authorities have not filed charges or when the crime remained unsolved.

The questions to ask:

  • was a crime committed?
  • if so; who did, what, how, when, where and why.

Our criminal investigations include:

  • the search for evidence – gathering proof and documentation 
  • conducting interviews with witness, coroners, docters, police, bystanders (in relation to the crime)
  • conduction interrogations is done by the police
  • the evidence is collected and preserved
  • depending on the case other methods of investigation are applied
  • different forensic science investigative technique are used
  • provide support to lawyers to present the evidence in the criminal court of law

 The “indicators of suspicion” in investigations lead to suspects:

  • The motive to commit a crime (money, revenge)
  • The means to commit a crime (tools & capabilities)
  • The opportunity to commit a crime (presence at the crime scene during the time of the offence)

Types of Crimes that we can investigate:

The Process of a Criminal Investigation

  • gather evidence in a legal and professional way
  • crime scene investigation at the place of the crime
  • make or gather crime scene photos & crime scene videos
  • arrest record & criminal records search on the victims and perpetrators
  • assist in establishing an alibi for innocent people (wrongly accused)
  • fix the refute motive
  • assist in locating the real criminal (who might be on the run or hiding somewhere)

Corporate Criminal Investigations & Corporate Crimes

Our AR INTELL Corporate Crime Task Force consists of specialized corporate security professionals . We investigate mostly corporate crimes, torts (wrongful acts or an infringement of certain rights), and different types of contractual breaches.

Corporate crimes & Corporate Investigations mostly refer to:

  • employee fraud
  • job thievery – stealing on the job
  • financial fraud
  • theft of physical property
  • data theft
  • embezzlement of money
  • bribery
  • corruption
  • corporate offenses
  • money laundry
  • forgery of documents
  • commercial bribery
  • compliance investigations – non-compliance with industry standards
  • property destruction
  • breach of ethical code – unethical behavior
  • infringement of fiduciary & other financial duties.
  • accounting improprieties.
  • violation of company policies.
  • privacy rights issues.
  • reporting fraud.
  • internal security & other controls + safeguards
  • information access and information control strategies (CIA principle)
  • insider trading & insider deals
  • cartel forming
  • corporate manslaughter

Criminal Corporate Activity

When you suspect there are criminal corporate activities occurring in your organization or company, then you will need to apply forensic accounting skills, maybe learn how to use a polygraph test (lie detector) and understand the correct arrest & other administrative procedures. The use of digital forensics became also more and more important during the past decades.

Do check our Corporate Fraud Investigations page here.

AR INTELL provides practical and strategic advice to shareholders, corporate executives (at all levels, company officers, security officers, managers, employees or staff in for example financial institutions & multinational corporates.

Over the years we have deloped a keen insight in different industries, and offer an indepth local knowledge and insight into regulatory & legal frameworks, international compliance issues and law enforcement.