Target Markets of AR INTELL Professional Independent Investigators.

Private Investigators - Targets Markets - Private Intelligence Agency AR INTELL

AR INTELL and it’s team of Private Investigators, Risk Managers & Forensics Experts, Expert Detectives and Investigators form as a whole a truly Professional Private Intelligence Agency, who is specialized in :

  • comprehensive, secure, discrete investigations
  • intelligence gathering
  • litigation legal support and forensic services
  • and a whole range of other professional services

Our International clients range from International NGO Agencies, ASEAN (South East Asian) Government Agencies and European Governments,  Financial Institutions, Banks, Regulators, Big Telecoms, Legal Firms, Legal Experts, Fraud Investigators, Corporate Auditors, Business Auditors, Expert Investigators, International Private Investigators, Business Corporations of different sizes, Export Companies, Insurance Agencies & Insurance Companies, plus private individuals globally.

At AR INTELL we operate as private detectives with high ethical standards and strict SOP’s during our investigations, which allows us to provide the integrity and discretion and respect for privacy of our clients.

Attorneys, Lawyers & Legal Services – Litigation Support
Business (10, 50, 100+ Employees) or SME Small Business entities
Corporations of all types
Organizations of different types
Education Services Industry, International Schools, Public Schools, Colleges, Universities
Financial Services Industry – Banking, Finance Experts 
Governments  & Government Agencies (Local/State/Federal)
Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Specific
Human Resource Professionals
Individual Clients (Personal Cases)
Insurance Industry and Insurance Claim Adjusters
Law Enforcement Agencies & Specific Security Related Entities
Medical Services or Hospices
Non-Government Organization
Parental or Caretaker
Real Estate Professionals
Security & Private Investigators
Spousal or Matrimonial (marriage) Issues
Transportation Industry (Trucking and Cargo) – GPS Tracking