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Identity Theft Investigation – PID

What is identity theft? Identity theft can be defined as a crime of obtaining the personal or financial information of another person by useing their identity to commit fraud. There are many types of identity theft. The target is mostly your your credit, your money and real life reputation. Identity thieves, privacy hackers and cyber […]


Dark Web – Deep Web Investigation

[ Dark Web ] [ Surface Web ] [ Deep Web ] [ Illegal & Criminal activities ] [ Importance ] [ Investigation ] What is the Dark Web? The dark web is simply a part of the  World Wide Web. The dark web uses networks called darknets. You need different software and setups to access the […]


SOCMINT – Social Media Intelligence Gathering

[ What is SOCMINT? ] [ Social Media Monitoring ] [ Information Extraction ] [ Social Media Investigation ][ Psychological Analysis ] [ ProcessReport ] What is SOCMINT? Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) consists of a set of search methods and technologies. These forensic techniques aim to monitor social media networking platforms and users. Many people […]


Data Breach Investigation

Our Data Breach Team is ready to assist you. Our AR INTELL Incident Response and Data Breach Investigations team are ready to assist you.  When we perform an Incident response operation we follow detailed procedures to handle the data breach or cyberattack. We follow your company/organization’s policy in order to mitigate the cyber-attack / data breach consequences. Your company its […]


Cyber Attack Investigation

[ What is a Cyber Attack? ] What is a Cyber Attack? A cyber attack is: deliberate exploitation of computer systems, technology-dependent enterprises, and networks the use of malicious code to alter legit computer code, logic, or data (which does not belong to the attackers) a digital exploit that results in disruptive consequences such as […]


Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken by the public to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance.  Counter surveillance includes: discovery of electronic methods that are used to monitor your movement or record your conversations and record video, send signals of movement etc. technical surveillance counter-measures detection of hidden or covert surveillance devices detection covert listening devices visual […]


Privacy Policy

AR INTELL Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy aims to inform you on how AR INTELLIGENCE AGENCY SDN BHD and its holdings, related and subsidiary companies (collectively referred to as “AR INTELL”, “us” or “we”) collect, store and handle the personal information of individuals. What does this Privacy Policy apply to? This Privacy Policy applies to […]


Corporate Fraud Investigations

[ Types of Fraud ] [ Asset Misappropriation ] [ Vendor Fraud ] [ Accounting Fraud ] [ Payroll Fraud ] [ Data Theft ] [ Bribery & Corruption ] [ Fraudulent Activities ] AR INTELL provides investigative services into Corporate Fraud. We assist with determining the complexity of the detected fraud, who is involved, […]