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Corporate Slander Investigation

[ False & Negative Statements ] [ Damage to Businesses, Corporations & Organizations ] [ Evidence Collection ] [ Corporate-Slander-Investigation ] False or negative statements harmful to your business   Corporate slander refers to using untrue statements or other types of disinformation/misinformation, altered data, which the offenders have taken out of context to damage somebody their reputation. […]


Arson or Fire Loss Investigation

[ What is Arson? ] [ Types of Arson ] [ Arson Motivation ] [ Arson Targets ] [ Arson Investigation ] What is Arson? A crime like arson is done for profit or financial gain. With this in mind, it is a criminal method of stealing money from the fire insurance company. Hence we will do […]


Dark Web – Deep Web Investigation

[ Dark Web ] [ Surface Web ] [ Deep Web ] [ Illegal & Criminal activities ] [ Importance ] [ Investigation ] What is the Dark Web? The dark web is simply a part of the  World Wide Web. The dark web uses networks called darknets. You need different software and setups to access the […]


Insider Threat Investigations

[ Reality of Insider Threat ] [ Types ] [ Threat Actors ] [ Dangers ] [ Red Flags ] [ Counter Measures ] The Insider Threat is real The “insider threat” will sneak around in your offices like a snake, poke around in your network, look for confidential information, and check what is on […]


SOCMINT – Social Media Intelligence Gathering

[ What is SOCMINT? ] [ Social Media Monitoring ] [ Information Extraction ] [ Social Media Investigation ][ Psychological Analysis ] [ ProcessReport ] What is SOCMINT? Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) consists of a set of search methods and technologies. These forensic techniques aim to monitor social media networking platforms and users. Many people […]


Cyber Espionage Investigations

[ Cyber Espionage ] [ Cyber Espionage Targets ] [ Espionage Methodology ] [ Spy-Operators ] [ Red Flags for Espionage ] [ Cyber Espionage Indicators ] [ Cyber Espionage Counter Measures ] [ Risks of Cyber Espionage ] [ Cyber Espionage Asssesment ] What is Cyber Espionage? Cyber Espionage is one of the biggest […]


Hacker Detection – Spot the Hackers

Hackers & Cyber Criminals Not all hackers are cybercriminals. So how do you know if there are any hackers present in your company/organization its network and digital assets or cloud systems? How do you get a clear idea of what they are doing there, why and to what end? A presence could be either physical […]


APT Groups – Advanced Persistent Threats

What are APT groups? APT – Advanced Persistent Threat groups are essentially covert or hidden hacker organizations that perform, “attacks on a country’s information assets, critical infrastructure or other elements of national security or strategic economic importance. Standard methods used to come down to cyber espionage, cyber warfare or cyber sabotage.” These groups are elusive, […]