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SOCMINT – Social Media Intelligence Gathering

[ What is SOCMINT? ] [ Social Media Monitoring ] [ Information Extraction ] [ Social Media Investigation ][ Psychological Analysis ] [ ProcessReport ] What is SOCMINT? Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) consists of a set of search methods and technologies. These forensic techniques aim to monitor social media networking platforms and users. Many people […]


Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

What is Intelligence and Intelligence gathering? Intelligence results from: collection, collation of data (observed facts) evaluation, analysis, integration, and interpretation of these data pockets The purpose of gathering intelligence is mostly geared towards: reduction of the ambiguity or uncertainty after observation of activities. get information on the capabilities of adversaries who pose a threat to […]


Counter Intelligence

Counter-intelligence is synonymous with counter-espionage. Counterintelligence will try to protect an agency its intelligence program from an adversary intelligence service. Counter Intell activities consist of: gathering information on adversaries conducting activities to prevent espionage prevent acts of sabotage prevent assassinations prevent intelligence activities conducted by foreign powers, organizations, or private entities Collective counterintelligence will gain intelligence into […]


Measurement and signatures intelligence (MASINT)

[Purpose] [ Types of MASINT ] MASINT is scientific and technical intelligence derived from analyzing data gathered from sensors or sensing devices. The purpose of MASINT is: MASINT focuses on identifying any distinctive features and characteristics of an emitting source or sending source. Measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) is the technical branch of intelligence gathering, which focuses on […]


Private Investigations Latin America

  Latin America consists of a multitude of countries and regions in the Americas. In this region Latin languages are spoken (derived from Latin such as Spanish, French, and Portuguese). The region Latin America refers to those places historically ruled under the Spanish, French, and Portuguese empires. Central America and the Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, […]


Private Investigations South-America

AR INTELL Investigations can extend into most countries of South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, French Guiana (overseas territory of France). AR INTELL has a regional presence in the USA, thus we are quite able to perform private investigations or assist in private investigative services in South […]


Cyber Espionage Investigations

[ Cyber Espionage ] [ Cyber Espionage Targets ] [ Espionage Methodology ] [ Spy-Operators ] [ Red Flags for Espionage ] [ Cyber Espionage Indicators ] [ Cyber Espionage Counter Measures ] [ Risks of Cyber Espionage ] [ Cyber Espionage Asssesment ] What is Cyber Espionage? Cyber Espionage is one of the biggest […]


Data Breach Investigation

Our Data Breach Team is ready to assist you. Our AR INTELL Incident Response and Data Breach Investigations team are ready to assist you.  When we perform an Incident response operation we follow detailed procedures to handle the data breach or cyberattack. We follow your company/organization’s policy in order to mitigate the cyber-attack / data breach consequences. Your company its […]