How to Stop Ransomware Attacks

AR INTELL can assist you in the detection, prevention, and mitigation of a ransomware attack on your company or organization. Don’t become an easy target or victim of a ransomware gang. Launching ransomware attacks is a lucrative business for hackers and organized crime. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

cost of ransomware - report 2021

Many articles and advice have been formulated on this matter. Here are a few general pointers:

  • use up to data anti-virus scanners
  • use VPN when going online
  • update and patch your devices
  • don’t use illegal or hacked software
  • don’t click on suspicious emails (phishing attacks)
  • run a firewall on your devices and in your network
  • don’t put your backups on the same network where the ransomware attack might occur
  •  prepare a full recovery plan – do a simulation
  • conduct security awareness training
  • establish a Zero trust architecture and micro-segmentation (data silos)
  • perform endpoint protection
  • talk to cybersecurity consultants