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Cyber Defense

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What is Cyber Defense?

Cyber Defense refers to the ability to prevent cyber attacks. This activity is sometimes related to Cyber Warfare, Cyber Espionage, National Security issues, Critical Infrastructure Attacks, Cyber Offence/Offense Operations (hacking back), Nation-state Hacking (hackers sponsored by states), and Military Cyber Operations.

cyber defense


Initial Cyber Defense / Cyber Defence Assessment.

  • Are you able to anticipate cyber attacks by your adversaries?
  • Can you counter new cyber intrusions?
  • Do you have proper cyber defense strategies and tactics in place?
  • Can you prevent such attacks?
  • Are your operators able to disrupt & respond to cyber threats?
  • How fast can you respond to threats?
  • Is your critical infrastructure protected?
  • How do you detect if your digital assets and networks are being manipulated?
  • Do you have an information assurance plan in place?
critical infrastructure
Protection of Critical Infrastructure and its underlying Supply Chain. Are you prepared? Is your cyber defense ready and operational?

Effect of Cyber Attacks on your organization

  • heavy pressure on the “cleanup team”
  • high financial cost
  • destructive to your brand
  • damaging to your IT operations
  • may result in legal consequences
  • may result in bankruptcy or significant financial losses
  • not having a proper defense makes you an easy target for ransomware & data breaches
cyber attacks


  • Protect your organization/company from insider threats
  • protect sensitive information
  • safeguard digital assets
  • run threat intelligence projects
  • cooperate with your supply chain and affiliates
  • implement cyber defense products
  • develop cyber security monitoring services
  • develop resilience against cyberattacks, phishing, social engineering attacks
  • run awareness training and prevention campaigns
  • train the users not to fall victim to hacking attempts
  • keep customer trust + improve shareholder value by remaining alert and honest
  • start vulnerability assessment and risk management of people and systems
  • identify staff ready to “flip” or be easily influenced
  • analysis of different potential threats
  • reduce attack-surfaces
  • minimize attack vectors
  • activate security controls on critical locations with sensitive data
  • create active attack detection, security response SOP
  • understand the cyber kill chain
  • analysis of historical approach path and exit path of attackers
  • list of potential targets

Cyber Defense Investigation

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Cyber Warfare


Cyber Attacks

The amount of ongoing cyber attacks (many types) could be compared to a relentless assault with millions of arrows on a given target. Just take a look at the different live Cyber War maps and Cyber Attack or Cyber Threat maps.

Cyber Threat Maps

Live Cyber Threat Map | Check PointFireEye Cyber Threat MapCyber-attack Map (httpcs.com)

Cyber Warfare activity is aggressive in nature and is conducted by different entities. It is not reserved for governments and military entities or security forces only. This makes the cyber landscape a threatening and complex combat theatre with multiple attack vectors. After Land, Sea, Air, and Space, the ‘new’ Cyber Space is recognized as the fifth domain. It is in this 5th domain that Cyber Warfare, Cyber Defense, and Cyber Offense are conducted.

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