Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations

blacklist investigation
Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations are done when somebody (could also be a group, a company, or an organization) is the subject of Blackballing or blacklisting. This is in general the practice of a person or party excluding another person or party from a certain event, place, or social circle without just cause. Blacklisting may be done against an individual or against an entire group of people.
Blacklisting or slander can be detrimental when you are looking for a new job and false or fake information pops up during reference or background checks. This could mean that somebody has put that information there. Such false information can be used to judge your personal character.
blackballing investigation
AR INTELL can assist you to determine if this is the case and what action could be taken along the way. Especially today with the presence of social media where anybody can say or write anything about you, this is even more important.
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Background Investigation – Background Check

Background Check

Why do a background check?

When we at AR INTELL are requested to do a background check into somebody, then typically these questions come to mind:

  • What to look for in a professional background investigation by a Private Investigator?
  • When to conduct a background investigation into an employee?
  • When is a background investigation related to a criminal case?
  • Do your own background investigation or hire a third party for a background check?

The answer to these questions depends on the person requesting the investigation and on the type of investigation.

Purpose of a background check.

What does a background check consist of? What is the purpose of searching for information? Why are we doing this?

  • reduces the chances of hiring the wrong person for a certain job in a company or organization
  • points to indications, history of potential dishonest immoral or dangerous behavior or attitude.

What to look for when doing a background check?

  • Verification of employment history – curriculum vitae – fact-checking
  • Verification of educational background and degrees, diplomas, or certifications
  • Confirmation of related Qualifications
  • Follow up of references
  • Checking of criminal records or affiliation with criminal organizations
  • Verification of Credit Report
  • Checking of motor vehicle records
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