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ARINTELL global risk management consulting firm

Typically our Target Markets are different types of businesses, government agencies and non-government organizations who requires some sort investigative assistance of the risks that they take (or are exposed to) on daily basis.  

As risk management consultants we can assist with the: 

  • identification of threats
  • threat assessment
  • threat intelligence
  • threat mitigation
  • threat analysis 
  • strategic or tactical advice

Whether you are faced with specific Business Risks, Non-Business Risks or Financial Risks; a proper understanding and investigation into what you are dealing with is key. This is where AR INTELL can assist you. 

Especially today in our advanced information-age you will need a risk management which includes:

  • understanding of the business processes for the threat identification and threat mitigation
  • attack vector analysis of threats on digital assets of  the company – how vulnerable are you? 
  • can hackers steal your proprietary corporate data,
  • is your customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) for grabs?
  • is your intellectual property protected?
  • recovery plan if you hit by a cyber attack or ransomware attack.

We all face the risk of harmful unpredictable events that will cost the company money or cause harm to the operations. 

Our Risk management Investigations and assessments will allow your organizations to attempt to prepare for the unexpected events by: 

  • minimizing the known risks in a rational way
  • minimize the costs of a disaster
  • put containment systems in place
  • know what could happen before it happens


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