Mobile Device Forensics – Smartphone Forensic Analysis

mobile device forensics

AR INTELL is an expert in Mobile Device Forensics.

What is Mobile Device Forensics?

This is a specific form of digital forensics which focusses on the recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device. Whilst adhering to forensic investigative standards and practices.

AR INTELL can analyze mobile phones or other any digital device with internal memory and communication ability: PDA devices, GPS devices and tablet computers and many new types of IoT devices or any device that stores basically anything in a digital format (even a keyboard).

Our world is saturated with billions of mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, GPS-tracker, IoT devices etc… which we carry around all the time.

All these mobile electronic devices always hold interesting information, digital footprints of a subject it’s activities, whereabouts and communications with others. Hence during an investigations it is key to obtain this information legally and make it part of the evidence, to be presented in the court later on.