Mobile Device Forensics

mobile device forensics

AR INTELL is an expert in Mobile Device Forensics.

First of all Our Mobile Forensic team is specialized in the recovery of digital evidence. We can retrieve data from any mobile device. AR INTELL adheres to forensic standards and secure practices.

Mobile Device analysis is applied on:

  • mobile phones
  • other digital devices with internal memory
  • communication able devices
  • PDA handheld devices
  • smart phones
  • IoT devices
  • GPS devices & GPS trackers
  • tablet computers
  • any device that stores data in a digital format
  • keyboards
  • SD-cards and other media-storage
  • cloud connected storage
We are immersed in billions of connected mobile devices. These electronics collect all sorts of data. Firstl we carry these little machines around all the time. Secondly they collect and upload lot’s of information live to the cloud and social media. Companies pay for these data. Big data analytics is the main drive behind this.

So which data-points is your smartphone collecting?

This depends on many factors. First of all the type of smartphone, 2nd; your mobile apps and 3: your security and privacy settings. Here are a few issues to look into:
  • most apps collect more information than is necessary
  • phones and apps can record you in secret
  • location tracking can be activated at any time
  • hackers can take full control of your phone
  • your phone data can be downloaded and sold on the dark web
  • most people never read the terms of service agreements and privacy policies
  • apps can activate a phone’s microphone and leak audio data
  • passwords, email addresses, and GPS information are sometimes stored unencrypted
  • high-profile apps mostly do large-scale data collection (big data)
  • spy apps could be snooping on your chat conversations
  • your privacy might be at risk
  • confidential information stored in your phone might leak out
  • your GPS location can be tracked without consent or permission
  • social media and shopping e-commerce apps track your buying preferences and personal interests
  • your private images and messages might end up on social media or cloud-based storage
Hence you need to determine which apps you can trust. Set up a proper security and data policy. Apply hands-on security on your devices.

pile of smartphones

Mobile electronic devices hold interesting information, digital footprints of a subject it’s activities, whereabouts and communications with others. Hence during an forensic investigation it is key to obtain this information legally and make it part of the evidence, to be presented in the court later on. We allways work within our mandate.

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