Corporate Fraud Investigations


Different types of Corporate Fraud

Other Asset Misappropriation – Theft of Company Assets by an employee

  • cheque forgery, illegal cheque writout (kiting)
  • tampering with cheques
  • inventory theft (physical assets)
  • theft of cash
  • theft of physical assets
  • expense reimbursement fraud
  • expense account fraud
  • procurement fraud
  • payment fraud on vendor/customer accounts
  • workers compensation fraud
  • health or medical insurance fraud – cheating healthcare providers to defraud an insurance company
  • sales commission fraud – false sales to get higher commission
  • personal use/abuse of company Vehicle – unauthorized activities

Vendor Fraud – Supply Chain Fraud

  • verify if employees and vendors acting alone or in cahoots with each other
  • billing schemes – false payments, fictitious vendors, shell companies, manipulating accounts
  • bribery and kickbacks – getting payments in exchange for advantages
  • check tampering – forgery, alteration or use of unauthorized checks
  • overbilling by vendor
  • price fixing

Accounting Fraud

  • manipulation of company’s accounts with little or no oversight
  • embezzlement – larceny
  • accounts payable fraud
  • accounts payable fraud – easy fraud to perpetrate
  • fake suppliers – billing company with fake invoices
  • personal purchases
  • double-checking fraud
  • accounts receivable fraud – lapping – fake sales – skimming money

Payroll Fraud

  • ghost employee schemes – fake employee or ex-employee on the payroll
  • advanced salary fraud
  • timesheet fraud – inflated or unexisting hours, clocking for other workers i
  • paycheck theft

Data Theft – Digital Fraud

  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Theft of personally identifiable information
  • Theft of other confidential information
  • Trade Secret Theft
  • Theft of proprietary information
  • Theft of Customer List or Contact Lists
  • Theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PID)
  • Theft of credit card numbers
  • Theft of client lists
  • Theft of valuable PID

Bribery & Corruption

  • high profile frauds
  • corporate kickbacks
  • bribes (illegal advantages for employees)
  • unauthorized discounts.
  • shell company fraud
  • money laundry
  • assets diversion
  • tax evasion, tax avoidance
  • product substitution (purchasing bad or fake product differnt what was agreed

Other fraudulent activities

  • abuse of trust
  • conspiracy
  • money laundry
  • extortion
  • racketeering

The types of fraudulent activities that we investigate always use deception in order to make a personal gain in a dishonest way, hence creating a loss for another party. If you want to prevent such unforeseen losses, surely an investigation can help you prevent further un-needed suffering.