Undercover Operations – Covert Operations

AR INTELL covert operations

The activity of going “undercover” or operate undercover requires that you are not detected by the target that you observe or pull surveillance on. So in that perspective you will disguise or mask your own identity or maybe even use an assumed identity. This is done so you would gain some sort of trust of the individual or organization that you are targeting. Eventually this might allow you to acquire the confidential data, access to a secure environment or trust of targeted individuals. This info is then exfiltrated and gathered as legal evidence. Undercover agents will typically perform this type of covert or undercover operations.

At AR INTELL we have trained covert operations specialists and covert operators who are able to conduct these kind of undercover missions, sometimes called “secret” investigations which require the highest level of confidentiality and discretion, to put it mildly.. 

Our covert investigation – under operation will consist typically of the following elements: 

  • the whole setup and preparation is done secretly and discreetly
  • the operation or investigation itself is conducted in a covert and undercover manner
  • undercover agents receive special training and special guidance or assistance
  • special surveillance and counter surveillance technology is applied