Falsification & discovery of concealed information and hidden assets

concealed information

Hidden Cash & Hidden Property

AR INTELL can track down hidden cash and other hidden property. The main questions are where the hidden income is coming from or where it is hidden. We will look for the following information:

  • tax returns & purchase receipts
  • social security numbers
  • bank statements
  • credit card statements
  • invoices
  • gifts used to hide sources of income.
  • known expenses
  • cash transactions – cash flow analysis
  • proof of stock options
  • use company assets for personal benefitis
  • financial activity on unknown accounts
  • check register activity
  • new loans
  • witness statements

Verification of Hidden Assets

When you look for these hidden assets, you must verify if they can actually exist. Avoid the risk of discovery abuse, by putting an undue burden on the opposing party. We look for facts, not fantasies. Hence a profile of the party we investigate will be build-up, leading to a deep profile.

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