Counterfeiting Investigation

Counterfeit issues

What is a counterfeiting investigation?

A Counterfeiting Investigation will mostly start where there is:

  • fraudulent use of different forms of currency (fake currency, counterfeit bills)
  • fraudulent sale of commodities or knock-off products in order to profit from this transaction

What is counterfeiting?

When a counterfeiting act occurs or you suspect it did, this would consist of somebody imitating something authentic. It means there is an intent to steal, destroy, or replace the original item or artefact. Counterfeiters of fiat currency for example will want to use fake bills in illegal transactions. Other types of con artists will try to deceive you into believing that the fake is of equal or greater value than the real thing. Fake works of art are an example of this. Generally, counterfeit products are fakes or unauthorized replicas of a real product.

What is subject to counterfeiting & forgery?

Let’s take a look at a few examples of areas in which counterfeiting is rampant.

  • autographs
  • currency, paper money, fiat currency
  • certificates, important documents
  • clothing & fashion brand items
  • expensive handbags
  • shoes
  • pharmaceuticals / medicine
  • car parts
  • aircraft parts
  • watch brands
  • consumer electronics 
  • electronic parts
  • original software
  • works of art
  • gems stones
  • jewelry
  • historical objects
  • precious metals (gold, silver)
  • valuable toys
  • movies
  • computer-games
  • DVD movies, BluRay Disks
  • Music DVDs, records
  • electronic media, digital products
  • online data (now being sold on the dark web)

It is well known that organized crime has taken a big interest in this type of activity.

When do you need a counterfeiting investigation?

As a company or organization, you are required to pursue the protection of your brand, trademarks, and patents as much as you can. In many cases, counterfeiters start with making fake company logos & brands, ultimately leading to copyright issues, patent violations, and trademark infringements. What is your intellectual property worth to you and how do you protect it?

Questions asked during a counterfeiting investigation?

  • What is the extent of counterfeiting?
  • What is the value of of the fraude?
  • Is the counterfeit incident part of an organized counterfeiting ring?
  • Which type of fake goods are affected?
  • Is the case related to fraudulent documents (passports, driver’s licenses, ID / IC – identification cards, travel documents)?

AR INTELL can assist you in the investigation of fake currency, fake works of art, fake jewelry or unauthentic documents, or products that have for intent to replicate (copy) the original copyrighted, trademarked, or patented ones.  

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