Computer & Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics AR INTELL

As AR INTELL Private Investigators & Digital Forensic Experts in the cyber information age we are well versed in Computer forensics  or computer forensic science. This is a part of the wider digital forensic science. We specialize in finding, preserving and analyzing evidence which is stored in computer-systems, computer networks, online cloud systems and cloud storage servers, laptops, tablet, mobile phones, smart phones and different types of digital storage media (hard drives, USB-disk, flash drives etc…). As computer forensics we will examine in detail the digital carriers / storage devices. The purpose of a forensic investigator is:

  • identification of data
  • preserve data
  • recover the data
  • analyze the data
  • report and present the facts
  • interpretation of the facts
  • prepare the data for use in litigation, court & legal procedures. 
  • create a legal audit trail (who manipulated the data)