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Target Markets & Industries of AR INTELL Professional Independent Investigations

Attorneys, Lawyers & Legal Services Business (100+ Employees) Business (Small Business) Corporations of all types Organizations of different types Education Services Industry Financial Services Industry – Banking Government (Local/State/Federal) Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Specific Human Resource Professionals Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Insurance Industry and Adjusters Law Enforcement Agencies & Specific Security Related Entities Medical Services […]

Digital Forensics

“… current investigative techniques—particularly as deployed by law enforcement, are becoming unsuitable for most types of crime investigation. The growth in cybercrime and the complexities of the types of the cybercrime coupled with the limitations in time and resources, both computational and human, in addressing cybercrime put an increasing strain on the ability of digital […]

AR Intell – Private Investigator in Malaysia

AR INTEL is one of the leading and well-established Private Investigator companies in Malaysia. We provide professional services in all states in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya Labuan Perlis Kedah Terengganu Pahang Perak Kelantan Penang Selangor Negeri Sembilan Johor Malacca Sabah Sarawak Our  range of Professional Investigative Services consists of: Private Investigator Services (family, matrimonial, marriage, […]

AR INTELL – Forensic Evidence

orensic evidence is evidence obtained by scientific methods such as ballistics, blood tests, DNA tests, which can be used in court. Good forensic evidence often helps to establish the guilt or innocence of possible suspects.  

Private Investigators are issued licenses under the Private Agencies Act 1971

Malaysian Private Investigators are issued licenses under the Private Agencies Act 1971 and are under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In Malaysia, the profession of private investigator is governed by the Private Agency Act 1971 . In order to operate a Private Investigation company, it is required to set up a Sdn Bhd’s company where 30% […]

What is a Private Investigator? (general definition, commonly known)

When you search online you will find that a freelance detective typically carries out investigations on behalf of private clients. Synonyms for private investigator are: detective operative enquiry agent private eye PI sleuth snoop private dick peeper shamus gumshoe hawkshaw sherlock Pinkerton In wikipedia we found this description: “A private investigator (often abbreviated to PI […]